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Interested in Botox services but finding it hard to get to a med spa?  Want to gather a group for a Botox party? Prefer a more comfortable environment than a clinic office? Live in the greater Los Angeles area? 

If so, we can help.  Serenity Medical Aesthetics provides top notch, medical aesthetics services in the comfort of your own home.   In office visits also available in Pasadena CA.

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  Want to know how to prepare for your visit or review the aftercare instructions? We've covered all of that for you here.

Interested in a one-on-one home visit with our NP?  Open to gathering a group for price incentives? Check out our tiered pricing model below for the details. 

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We're committed to natural, yet appreciable results and safety is our top priority. We help people age gracefully and confidently, and are able to deliver our services at your home or at our office. 

Nicole is a hoop earring wearing, 90's music loving, boy mom, Latina and LA native.  She's been a nurse practitioner for 6 years and is double board certified in Aesthetics and Family Medicine.  She completed her undergrad at Stanford in Human Biology, received a second Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Emory, and her Master's degree in Nursing from UCLA.  Some of her favorite things include daytime naps, salsa dancing and finding hilarious memes on the internet. 

Nicole Sandoval, mSN, FNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner + Owner

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We want to help you feel your best, both inside and out.

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